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Free Alarm Clock is a program that will let you set alarms on your computer
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Free Alarm Clock is a program that will let you set alarms on your computer.
This way, if you are working with your computer, you will still be able to be aware of your important meetings and tasks. The program accepts to set as many alarms as you want. The alarm can be scheduled at any time of the day, and you can set repetitive alarms that will sound at a given time, in the weekdays you will decide. The alarm can show a label when its fired. This label will remember you the purpose of the alarm. It is possible to set a sound that will be played while the program shows you a window that will offer you to snooze or shut down the alarm. If you snooze it, the alarm will sound again in ten minutes.

The alarm can also be configured to wake up the computer from sleep mode, or power on the monitor. You will also be able to set the volume level that you want the program to use to play the sound associated with the alarm. You can clone an alarm, and edit the copy to modify just a few parameters, without the need of setting up everything again.

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